Creswick Gold Detecting (Victoria)

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Kane and I haven’t done a lot of gold prospecting in Australia. It’s hot, scrubby and fossicking regulations vary from State to State. A lot of accessible ground has been picked over through various gold rushes and more recently by … Continued

Spain: A Geologist’s Disneyland (PART 2- Níjar)

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  Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Spain! Part 1, on the geology of Zumaia, will be tough to beat, but here goes…   PART 2. NIJAR Níjar is a cute little town in southern Spain. Despite the … Continued

Spain: A Geologist’s Disneyland (PART 1- Zumaia)

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Hi All, It certainly has been a while since out last post! Luckily, we are recently returned from Spain and dying to tell you all about it! Where to start… The geology of Spain is pretty varied. There are marine … Continued

Quick Update

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Hi All!  So Kane and I have been away for a few weeks on our amazing UK adventure. We spent around three weeks touring England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland (they’re two different countries don’t you know!). Over … Continued