Friendly Fossickers was started in 2015 by geologist couple Lauren and Kane Maxwell.
What started out as an ideal way to record their own personal experiences has become a site dedicated to promoting sustainable and cooperative fossicking practices.

Friendly Fossickers encourages open and honest dealings with landowners and respectful communication on both sides.
The site plays host to a blog about Lauren and Kane’s personal experiences, as well as a database to connect like-minded fossickers and landowners.

Dominco Fault traverse, Chile

Kane admiring some impressive folds in Chile.


Fossicking is a wonderful way to experience the many varied landscapes and wildlife the country has to offer.

In addition to improving fitness, fossicking also promotes observational and scientific skills and is an ideal way to improve your geological, ecological, and navigational knowledge. It’s also great fun when you actually find something!

White Island Safari

Lauren in front of the acid lake on New Zealand’s White Island volcano.