Here at Friendly Fossickers we think the Earth is a pretty cool place. From building stone, to jewellery, to road base, we encounter its mineral resources on a daily basis. But where are these minerals from? How did they form? And most importantly, how do you find them?

Fossicking isn’t about pillaging resources, it’s about exploring the landscape and understanding the origin of materials. Often some of the most interesting finds are the ones you can’t take home with you- like the unexpected garnet in a massive boulder, or fossil deathbed in a national park.

This site encourages the appreciation of the geological wonders our world has to offer. Although we are based in Queensland (Australia), the site nonetheless catalogues fossicking adventures throughout the rest of the country and abroad too. Packed with informative tips for the novice and novel stories for the ‘pros’, the site covers topics such as fossicking, geology, minerals, fossils and gemstones.

If you’re new to fossicking check our Getting Started section which outlines what you need to know before you get started. If you’re not so new to fossicking check out some of our adventures, or drop us a line if you’d like to contribute. We are constantly learning and would love to hear from you!

Most people don’t realise just how interesting our Earth is! We hope to share with you just how fascinating every sapphire and tiny fleck of gold really is.